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Pursuit is one of the leading hydrated lime manufacturers in the country. We manufacture hydrated lime using the preferred material and processes. Hydrated lime is made with limestone. It is a dry powder derived from quicklime. Water is added to quicklime to get hydrated lime. As after adding water, oxide turns into hydroxide. Hydrated lime has several uses in plenty of industries. We make hydrated lime in good quantities for various clients.

It is used widely in the food industry. Hydrated lime is an important ingredient for making pickles. hydrated lime is to make pickles. Although, it is not only used in the food industry and various other industries as well. They play a pivotal role in the agricultural and construction industry as well. Apart from a wide range of industrial applications, hydrated lime is even used in water treatment plants. It is used as an anti-stripping agent in asphalt, as well as in soil stabilization.

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