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In the sprawling landscape of Kolkata, the seeds of Pursuit Industries Pvt Ltd were sown in the year 1940 by the visionary entrepreneurs of M/s. L Nanalal Brothers. Their journey marked the beginning of a legacy in trade and export, with a specific focus on agro products and spices. Little did they know that this humble initiation would set the stage for a remarkable journey that spans over eight decades.

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At Pursuit Industries, our commitment to excellence is woven into every facet of our business. Here's why partnering with us is your key to success:

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    Innovation at Every Step

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Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

FIBC Bags and Other Products

Food/Spices and Pulses

FIBC Bags and Other Products

Food/Spices and Pulses


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Innovative Solutions in Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, FIBC Bags, and Food /Spices and Pulses

Welcome to Pursuit Insights, your go-to source for the latest in our dynamic industries. Explore our Blog and News section for insightful articles, industry trends, and updates on the diverse world of Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, FIBC Bags and Food /Spices and Pulses.

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

At Pursuit Industries Pvt Ltd, we specialize in the manufacturing and export of a diverse range of high-quality chemicals. Our commitment to quality assurance and adherence to global standards make us a trusted partner for industries worldwide. From specialty chemicals to innovative solutions, we deliver excellence across every product line.

Our all products are assured of having superior quality. For meeting the diverse demands of the clients, we offer our customers, all the products in different quantity packs.

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We are one of the Pre-eminent manufacturers and exporters of
1. FIBC /Bulk Bags
2. PP woven Fabrics
3. PP Woven Bags/BOPP Bags
4. AD Star Valve Bags
5. Tarpaulin

Our sacks are cost-effective and ideal types of packaging for handing, shipping, and storing any bulk products

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Food /Spices and Pulses

Our all products are assured of having superior quality. For meeting the diverse demands of the clients, we offer our customers, all the products in different quantity packs.

Our all products are widely appriciated by the clients due to their purity, longer shelf life, rich taste, natural aroma and affordable rates.

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Worldwide Reach, Local Excellence

Connecting Continents, Delivery Quality

At Pursuit Industries, our commitment transcends borders. With a strategic footprint across the globe, we seamlessly export our diverse range of products—Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Agro Products, Packaging Materials, and Textiles—to serve industries in countless nations. Our global presence is more than a map of destinations; it's a testament to our dedication to delivering quality solutions on an international scale. Join us in navigating the global market with confidence, where excellence knows no bounds.

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What people Say About Our Business

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Rajesh Kapoor

Procurement Manager, Global Chemicals Ltd.

Pursuit Industries is our trusted partner for chemical solutions. Their commitment to quality and timely deliveries has streamlined our operations. Their expertise in the field has been instrumental in our success. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration.

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John Doe

CEO of ACME Import

I have been importing goods from Business Hub for over 5 years. They provide excellent service and competitive pricing. My account manager Ron is very knowledgeable and always follows through quickly on requests.

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