Awards & Recognization

Pursuit Industries is an eminent manufacturer and exporter of an extensive range of pharmaceuticals, agro product & packaging Products for almost every humans..

Company is running under the leadership of Mr. Navin Mehta who has vast experience of 50 years, who started business with spices trading and after it diversified in to other segments like Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Agro Products, Packaging Material, Textiles, Now a day’s company is engaged in Manufacturing and exporting this products to worldwide Countries..

Committed to customer satisfaction

Delivering both competitive rates and smooth transits with ethical business practices without compromising on quality and services.

Reliability has been one of the key drivers of our growth. It is our principle that timely execution of contracts and delivering our commitments to the satisfaction of both suppliers and buyers.

Our Team provides fast and courteous responses to pricing, availability and order tracking


Future Outlook: Pursuing Excellence and Global Impact

Market Expansion: Aggressive yet strategic expansion into emerging markets and untapped regions.

Exploration of new business opportunities and diversification of product portfolios.

Technological Advancements: Continued investment in cutting edge technologies to stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Integration of Industry 4.0 principles for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Sustainable Practices: Further commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes and eco friendly products.

Exploration of innovative green technologies to reduce the company's carbon footprint.

Product Innovation: Ongoing research and development to introduce new and innovative products.

Collaboration with research institutions and industry partners to drive innovation.

Global Leadership in Industries Served: Aspiration to be the undisputed leader in the chemical, packaging, and agri-business sectors.

Setting benchmarks for quality, reliability, and sustainability in each industry served.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Implementation of customer-centric strategies to strengthen relationships and meet evolving needs.

Utilization of data analytics for personalized and anticipatory customer service.

Digital Transformation: Embracing digitalization across all aspects of the business for streamlined operations.

Utilization of data-driven insights to make informed business decisions.

Continued CSR Impact: Expansion and enhancement of CSR initiatives to make a more significant social impact.

Deepening engagement with communities and stakeholders for sustainable development.

Strategic Partnerships: Forge strategic alliances and partnerships with global entities for mutual growth.

Collaborate with industry leaders and research institutions to drive collective progress.

Employee Development and Well-being: Continued focus on employee development, training, and well-being.

Implementation of programs to foster a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and collaboration.

Industry Recognition and Awards: Aspiration to continue receiving industry awards and recognitions for excellence.

Maintaining a reputation as an industry leader and innovator.

Adaptability to Global Challenges: Proactive approach to adapt to changing market dynamics and global challenges.

Development of resilience strategies to navigate uncertainties and disruptions.

Meet Our Visionary Leaders

Driving Success with Experience and Expertise

At Pursuit Industries, our success is driven by a dedicated team of visionary leaders who bring decades of experience and expertise to the table. Meet the individuals who lead us forward.

Utkarsh Mehta



With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Mehta is the driving force behind Pursuit Industries. His strategic vision and leadership have propelled the company to new heights.

Jiten Patel

Managing Director and CEO

JITEN patel

Mr. Patel's financial acumen and strategic planning skills are instrumental in driving financial growth and stability for Pursuit Industries.